The Safety of Sleep 

I'm very excited about the release of my new single, "The Safety of Sleep" on Thursday 3rd October 2019. It's a dreamy alt rock track. I had the pleasure of having Oisin Trench play drums on this. I was also lucky enough to have some amazing artwork created for the single by Val Suto. You can see her stellar creations here: 

More to follow, thank you

Radio Gaga, Gugu, Thank You 

I'm delighted to hear that my latest tracks are being aired on radio across Ireland. Sincere thanks to Gavin Glass at Radio Nova and Roddie Cleere at KCLR FM for playing some of the new songs and thanks also to Louise Cantillon at Classic Hits 4FM who invited me onto the 'Guaranteed' Irish show last night for a live performance. It's great to receive support like this for new Irish music and I'm very grateful. If I've omitted any shows that might be playing the music, thanks to you also!

I See You Through the Slideshows  

This post does not mean that I can see you through your laptop camera - so there's no need to cover it with masking tape...not on my account at least!

The point here is that my first official post neatly coincides with the release of my first official single, "I See You Through the Slideshows". The single is now available on all of your favourite digital platforms. There are links to the track all over this site such is my eagerness for you to hear the song. A lot of work goes into creating the final product and it's great to finally have it out in the world. Thanks so much to everyone for their streams and downloads thus far!


Hey there - you are very welcome to my website! Please feel free to hang around, listen to some music, check out links and so on. Thanks for visiting, Dave